The radio business is much like any other, as various diseases run through the building. Colds, flu, stomach bugs and the like. As I write this, almost half of our folks are home sick. They made the correct choice and stayed home.

Unlike other businesses, radio is great at spreading a virus or two. Lori, Melissa, Braden and I, use the same microphone, control board, and the many switches we have. If one of us goes down, the rest usually follow soon after. Colds and sinus infections are just a breath away.

If we're sick, you the listener will know. We sound stuffy, hoarse, or just out of sorts. I try to be a good boss. If you're sick, putting on the perpetual smile for our listeners, is hard to do. A radio personality with laryngitis, will feel worthless, because you can't utter a sound anyone wants to hear.

I prefer to tell our folks to stay home. If you're sick and contagious, that's even more reason to keep away. Laryngitis? Strep throat? Adios dude. I can't make you go to the doctor, but I can and will, make you stay home. My biggest "radio fear" is  four people, who can't speak. It's been years, but I was at a station, where EVERYBODY had strep at the same time. This was all before computers showed up in radio studios and my boss at the time, thought if we could drive, we could at least come in and press buttons. As you can imagine, we just kept giving each other strep, over and over.

If you get sick, and I hope you don't, make the right decision and stay home. Heal. Get to be yourself again. And don't give to me.

Remember! You don't have to go to the doctor, but you can't stay here.



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