I was talking to one of my co-workers yesterday, who says she'll have a roommate soon in her apartment. She already knows who that will be but you really never know if you can live with someone, or not until you do.

My first roommate was in college at WT, and I didn't know him until he walked in. Luckily, it all worked out. We were each other's Best Man at our weddings. I had a few others during school and all but one worked out really well. So, what's the recipe for the great roommate? A new survey looked at some traits of the PERFECT roommate and here are some of the better responses:

1. They pay their bills on time. Rent comes the same time every month. If you're sharing an apartment, you may have some utilities too. The perfect roommate knows bill comes every month is ready with the do-re-me.

2. They do their fair share of the chores. Someone has to clean the toilet, take out the trash, load the dishwasher, and pick up dirty plates. I have a friend who had strict rules about washing out the "milk glass." It was a deal breaker for her.

3. If you're going to split the bathroom, the perfect roommate doesn't live in there or leave their stuff over the sink and floor. BTW, someone has to clean the bath/shower,

4. The perfect roommate gets along with your friends. Sure, we all have a friend that no one likes, but you. If your roomie takes a liking to your buddies, and/or S.O., that's a keeper.

5. Wanna throw a big party? Run it by your roommate first. Amarillo is a city where the word about a big party, travels fast.

There are the obvious things that will help, such as liking the same movies, music, and being GONE, most of the time. I had three different college roommates, I rarely, if ever, saw. WT in the 70s was a "suitcase" college, which means, it emptied out every weekend. Since my home was 7 hours away, heading home for the weekend was never practical.

What are you looking for in the perfect roommate?


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