There are few things better than watching your favorite movies on a big screen. Most of us saw "The Wizard Of Oz" on television, but the 1939 classic returns to movie theaters for a special short run this month.

The film turns 80 years old in 2019 and two Amarillo movies theaters will have special showings on Sunday, January 27, Tuesday, January 29, Wednesday, January 30  at the Hollywood 16 and United Artists cinemas.

There are some great scenes that we all remember, that look incredible on a large theater screen. The tornado that hit's Dorothy's house, the monkeys sent by the Wicked Witch Of The West, to fetch Dorothy and friends, or the poppy field. And yes, it's scarier.

This family favorite was meant to be seen on a large screen, and Turner Movie Classics have the opportunity, to do that just that.

Football fans will be excited to know, it's the bye week before the championship game, so load up your kids, and see one of the most beloved movies of all time, on the big screen.


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