We're all familiar with the jump scares and gross out techniques of modern film makers, But there are some great scary films, whose basic premise, is far more frighting than what jumps out at you.. Here's a list of films, that will scare you and live in your mind, for the rest of your life. That's the best kind of scary, You might have to search a little to find them, but they are well worth the effort.

1. Freaks- Think a B/W movie from 1932 can't scare you? Think again. This honestly may be the scariest movie I've ever seen. I will not watch it alone. The last five minutes have stayed with me for years. It shows up on TCM every Halloween. Search this one out, as it is well worth the effort.

2. The Exorcist-  Yes, Linda Blair flopping around and puking pea soup, can be gross, but this classic still works. The idea that a demon can occupy a young girl, is frighting. What if it jumps into you? The scariest of part of this, doesn't involve demon hi-jinks. It's a quick conversation between the little girl and an astronaut.

3. The Tingler- Here's one that works well, if you like to reach out and scare your friends. Vincent Price stars as a scientist who discovers a parasite, that attaches itself to your spine. Every time you become afraid, the tingler grows. When it ran in the theaters, the producers rigged up a little electric shock, that would hit your chair. People passed out, watching this movie.

4.  Halloween- I'm including the 1978 original whose success spawned Elm Street nightmares, and everything that came after. Michael Myers is one scary dude. This one is loaded with jump scares, but Jamie Lee Curtis is just fine, as your average babysitter, who may have to give her life to save little kids. It's worth revisiting this time of year.

5. Stanley- A young man, has a pet rattlesnake named "Stanley" that he uses to seek revenge on his tormentors ,That's all well and good until you upset your snake. Look for Alex Rocco, who played Moe Green in The Godfather, He jumps into his swimming pool, to get away from Stanley, only to find, it's full of water moccasins I've seen this movie ONE time. That was plenty. I'll never ...never watch it again.

Enjoy the journey of searching out these films. They are all worth the ,,uh...trouble..

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