Halloween is such a fun time.  You get to dress up, you get to trick-or-treat.   You get to decorate.  Oh, and you get to carve pumpkins.

I don't know about you but the process that goes into carving pumpkins can be extreme.  If you are like me, you have to find the perfect pattern or idea.  Then you have to find the perfect pumpkin.   Then you spend hours on cleaning, gutting and carving your pumpkin.

We carved our pumpkins last night just to make sure they were perfect for Halloween and not half rotted, however, we may have carved too soon.

I may have to go find another pumpkin because I just found these awesome Whataburger patterns.

Yes!  You can carve the perfect Whataburger jack o'lantern or your favorite symbol into your pumpkin for Halloween.

or take it one step further and go all Whataburger for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!


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