January 24th, a day for some interesting things in history.  Olestra causes "anal leakage", Ted Bundy was executed, a stooge died, and the birth of Eskimo Pies.


1908 - The FIRST BOY SCOUT TROOP was organized . . . in England, by Sir Robert Baden-Powell, a general in the British Army.

1935 - "Kruger Cream Ale," brewed by KRUGER BREWING COMPANY becomes the first beer sold in a can.

1922 - Christian K. Nelson of Onawa, Iowa, patented the ESKIMO PIE!!!



1964 - The first "SPORTS ILLUSTRATED" SWIMSUIT ISSUE was published. (--A model named Babette March was featured on the cover.)


1970 - It was announced that JOHN LENNON and YOKO ONO had shaved their heads to commemorate the start of Year One for Peace.

1975 - LARRY FINE (of THE THREE STOOGES) died of a stroke at the age of 75.

1982 - The SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS beat the CINCINNATI BENGALS, 26-21, in SUPER BOWL 16. It was the 49ers' first Super Bowl win. JOE MONTANA was voted the game's MVP.

1984 - A London judge fined LINDA MCCARTNEY $140 for trying to smuggle CANNABIS into England.

1984 - Apple Computers unveils the Macintosh personal computer. To the best of our knowledge, no one was wearing a black turtleneck when the announcement was made.

1989 - TED BUNDY was execute in Florida by electric chair.

1992 - The producer of the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK masterpiece, "HANGIN' TOUGH", claimed that the  only sang about 20% of the lyrics!!!


He sued The New Kids for a few million bucks for creative contributions and royalties. However, the group kept HANGIN' TOUGH.  They denied the allegations . . . and the  suit was eventually dropped.

1996 - The FDA approved OLESTRA . . . the first zero-calorie artificial fat . . . even though one of the admitted potential side effects was, quote, "anal leakage".

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

2001 - HALLE BERRY married her second husband, SEX ADDICT ERIC BENET. When their divorce was finalized, thanks to an iron-clad prenup, he got NOTHING.


2006 - CHRIS PENN, the  brother of SEAN PENN, was found DEAD in a condo near the beach in Santa Monica, California, at the age of 40. (--His death was ruled accidental by the coroner's office. He suffered from an enlarged heart.)


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