If you like to do the online dating thing, your bad grammar could hurt your chances of getting a date.

A new survey by the dating site Zoosk.com reveals that 48% of singles say bad grammar is a pet peeve when it comes to online dating. Other findings:

- 72% of online daters are turned off by spelling mistakes.

- 25% of online daters say spelling mistakes means the other person is uneducated.

- 27% of online daters say spelling mistakes means a person is lazy

- sending 'LOL' as a response increases response rates by 25%

- sending 'YOLO' hurts response rates by 47%.

On my smart phone, I keep an app from dictionary.com.  When I am stumped on how to spell a word, I consult that to keep me from looking totally dumb.  Also, do you know the difference between there, their, and they're?  How about to, too, and two?  You better get to know your grammar so you can increase your chance of getting a date!

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