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The race for the mayoral seat at the table is already heating up. Not even halfway through January, and we've already had four candidates hoping you want to call them Mayor.

As always, our contestants candidates are an interesting cast of characters.

Ginger Nelson is going for a follow-up to her successful run in 2019. It will be interesting to see how the Mayor who saw us through 2020 will do in the polls.

Challenging the incumbent will be Claudette Smith. She is looking for a rematch after losing the last election to Ginger Nelson.

Then we have Jeffrey McElreath. Jeffrey was one of the first to announce he was warming up his hat tossing hand and aiming at the ring. Today, reports are that he is already planning to withdraw from the race.

Most recently in the headlines, we found out that we have a fourth contender for the crown title of Mayor. Local Barbecue magnate, Michael Hunt, has announced he is going to be running. The announcement that Michael is running has already garnered a lot of attention in the news.

Several people have already pointed out the obvious, unfortunate, play on words that would accompany this mayoral hopeful, but I'm willing to bet it takes more than just the humor of juvenile delinquents to lick Mike in the polls.

The election isn't until May 1. There's really no telling what the field of candidates will look like. There's still a month left for citizens to file for a spot on the ballot. The cut off to file is Feb 12.

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