So you decided to hit the gym. It worked out and now you've got some sick gains. You see yourself in the mirror and think to yourself, maybe you should put yourself to the test. Show off a little bit if you will.

Lucky for you, beefy bods and lots of iron are two of Amarillo's favorite pastimes.

I Had No Idea Power Lifting Was So Big (No Pun Intended) Around Here

I saw one ad for a competition, did a quick search on Google, and was blown away. I had absolutely no idea how big power lifting is in Amarillo.

There are a lot of competitions that take place around here. Everything from school athletics, to major competitions. We've got it all in the panhandle.

Like this one coming up.

Bodybuilding In The Panhandle Is Alive And Well

I've actually met, and know, several people in the area that are really into bodybuilding. Once again, never would I have guessed this being as big a deal in the area as it is.

There are actually plenty of bodybuilding competitions that take place in the area. So if you think you've got the bod for it, there are plenty of chances for you to take home a top prize.

There's even a competition coming up.

There's No Lack Of Gyms In The Amarillo Area

If you're looking for a place to workout, there are several. Some of them cater to specifically to those interested in power lifting. We also have everything from Crossfit to Planet Fitness.

There's plenty of choices in Yellow City to get your lift on.

As for me, my co-host recently informed our audience that I'm built like a scarecrow. So, I'll stick to my light weights and tanning beds. I'll leave the bodybuilding and power lifting to the types of people I made sure to be on the good side of in high school.

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