On nice days sometimes you just want to go for a walk.  Yes, it's great to go walking in your neighborhood, but sometimes you want a change of scenery.  Here's a list of great places to go walking in Amarillo.

TSM Amarillo

Medical Center Park

Located off Wallace Blvd, Medi-Park (as we all like to call it) is the perfect spot in Amarillo to go for a walk.  Not only is walking around the lake exciting, it is the perfect spot to run/jog, or even fish.  However, with the geese and duck population you might want to watch your step.

Rock Island Rail Trail

If you are looking into getting a great walk in, the Rock Island Rail Trail runs 4 miles.  It is located starting at Coulter and runs through SE 7th & Crockett St.

John Stiff Park

John Stiff Park is a great place in Amarillo to go for a walk.  It's located off a Bell Street between 45th & Hillside. Plus, McDonald Lake is located in John Stiff and it is the perfect place to take a quick walk and enjoy the scenery.

Thompson Park

Thompson Park is not only home to the Amarillo Zoo & Wonderland Park, it is also perfect for getting some exercise in.  It is covered in trees, plus it also has a lake located in the park perfect to walk around or even stop and fish a bit.

Where do you enjoy taking a walk in Amarillo.