For most of us with dogs, getting the dog out of the house is an important activity. I know several people who take their dogs to John Stiff Memorial Park.

Until further notice, those trips are going to have to wait.

Why Did They Close The Dog Park?

According to an announcement from Amarillo Parks and Rec, there's a bit of an irrigation issue that has caused the closing. Without going into great detail, they make the point that the dog park will be closed until further notice.


While we may not know exactly what the issue is from the announcement, we do know that it has caused flooding. Flooding, plus do the math.

Honestly, the upholstery in my vehicle thanks you.

Still Plenty Of Places To Take Your Dog In Amarillo

While this is a bummer for those who prefer to take their dog to John Stiff Memorial Park, there is some good news. There are plenty of other places in town, and several parks, where you can take your dog.

Here's a quick list:

  • Thompson Dog Park
  • Southeast Dog Park
  • Critter Camp's Bark Park (what a name)

Be sure to check the rules when you get there, and be sure to pack the necessities. Things like plastic baggies for your dog' know what. Also, take along the leash just in case.

Hopefully the issue can be resolved soon, and the dog park will be open at John Stiff Memorial Park. Until then, at least you have plenty of other choices in town.

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