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I know, it's been COVID this and Afghanistan that but I'm here to take your mind off that.

Big congratulations are in order for Boys Ranch High School principal Shawn Read. He was recently selected to represent the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals after being named Outstanding Principal for Region 16.

So what all does this mean? Well the award itself is an honor as it represents exemplary performance and leadership. To be recognized for something like that is all the reward you need right? It means you've guided children in the best possible way and shown them the ways toward success for the future.

However, it doesn't stop there for Read. Since he was given this honor, he is now eligible to compete for the state title, Texas Principal of the Year.

Read is a local boy. Graduated from Dumas High School, went to Clarendon College and got his master's from West Texas A&M. He is currently working on his doctorate in educational leadership from WTAMU.

Read said, "I was proud to be selected by the WTAMU Department of Education as a member of Cohort 1. I applied to improve as a leader for BRHS students and teachers. I needed to match the efforts of everyone on campus somehow."

Well Mr. Read, I'd say you certainly matched the efforts without question. Congratulations on the big honor and best of luck in your run to being potentially being recognized as Texas Principal of the Year!

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