There is nothing I love more than good barbecue. Maybe cold beer to wash it down but that's going down a road that I don't wanna go down. It's all about the Barbecue this weekend up the road in Dumas as they prepare for the D' Town BBQ Cook-Off.

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Barbecue cookoffs are a celebration of all things meat and here in the panhandle we obviously make our contribution. If you have never been, it's basically a meat coma waiting for you as every type of meat is represented, Beef, Pork and chicken. It's not just limited to the meats as most of the time there are folks who just judge the sides. bragging rights are a big deal to pittmasters even if it's just the sides.

The event itself is sanctioned by the International Barbecue Cookers Association which means points are on the line for those who win. There's also cash on the line. $10,000 bucks will definitely go a long way in improving one's pit situation.

One thing that got me too is there's a category for children! It's always kinda cool to see what the next generation is learning and what they are capable of.

The event takes place at McDade Park which isn't too far in to Dumas if you're making the trip from Amarillo or points south, a quick left on 14th or 16th will get you right where you need to go. They are still looking for judges for the Brisket, Chicken and Pork Categories. Make sure that belt is loose. it's totally worth it.

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