They were the fresh-faced power pop group who dressed in the black-and-white style of the early Beatles. As a matter of fact, they were hailed (early in their careers) as the NEXT Beatles. Their album, "Get The Knack,"  was recorded in just eleven days for a budget of $18,000 and would make the history books for being the fastest selling debut album  of all-time.

But, let's find out the story of "My Sharona" as we go "Behind The Music."In a 1998 interview, singer Doug Fieger revealed that:

Sharona was a girl that worked in a children's clothing store across from where my girlfriend cut hair. She was still in high school. I was visiting my girlfriend and we bumped into Sharona in front of the shop that she was working in. It literally was love at first sight for me. Later, when the band was rehearsing, we came up with that opening drumbeat and bass line. Our drummer didn't like it. In fact, he almost refused to play it, but the rest of us thought it was catchy.

Lyrically nothing really came to mind at first, but after a little time, I came up with 'Ma-ma-ma-my Sharona,' and the guys said, 'You can't sing that. Are you crazy? Your girlfriend will kill you!' Once I had the direction, it didn't take long to finish the record.

Sharona is actually on the jacket for the single and appears on the cover of their second album, "But the Little Girls Understand." Fieger and Sharona ended up living together for four years and she is now a very successful real estate agent in California.

As for singer Doug Fieger, here is the tragic ending to his story from Wikipedia:

In 2006, during a performance in Las Vegas, Fieger became disoriented, developing a dull headache, and grasping for the words to the songs that he had written and performed for years.Diagnosed with two brain tumors, Fieger underwent surgery and radiosurgery and returned to performing. However, he still continued to battle brain and lung cancer until his death on February 14, 2010, in Woodland Hills, California, at the age of 57.