Should going to jail really be a life goal? Obie Cargile thinks so.

Back in January, the 71-year-old Cincinnati man spent three days in jail because it was on his bucket list.

Cargile was so upset that he had been cited for having improper brake lights that instead of paying the fine, he elected to serve time in the slammer. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since he had always wanted to experience life behind bars. Guess he never watched 'Oz' or 'Hard Time.' Get cable or DirecTV, buddy; it ain't that awesome.

If Cargile, a retired teacher with no prior criminal record, thought he was going to be starring in his own personal ‘Shawshank Redemption,’ he was sorely mistaken. In fact, he enjoyed his time in the clink while learning about the legal system. Think of it as a kind of incarcerated Colonial Williamsburg, without the chance to buy any souvenirs:

It was a picnic. An unadulterated picnic….Oh yes. I had a good time.”

Unlike the the probable reaction of the vast majority of people who’ve ever been hauled downtown, Cargile wasn’t distraught by the thought of spending some quality time in his cell with a guy named Bubba. His gritty background certainly prepared him for the worst.

“I never been in jail," he said. "I been in the Marine Corps in the jungle (in the Philippines) and Marine Corps boot camp. I wasn’t worried about jail. If you come out of the Marine Corps boot camp, everything else in life is downhill.”

Now that he’s a free man again, Cargile can continue his quest to complete his bucket list. Considering jail was on there, don't be surprised if he’s up for smothering honey all over his body before releasing a bee hive, going for a jog during a tornado or watching an entire episode of ‘The View.’

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