Have you gone looking for a new car any time of recent? It is a nightmare? It really is.

OK I will preface it by saying we are looking for a car  for my daughter. So hence the headache.

She found a car she liked. We started by looking online. That part has made things a little easier. A little I say. She picked a few she liked. We went in for her to look at said few vehicles.

She then decided she liked another one better. OK fair. She is looking for a car because she is about to move to Dallas and the Dodge Charger (shocker! Is not good on gas mileage). I am refraining from saying "I tried to tell you so".

So we spent the time and money to get her car ready to sell. We had her windshield replaced and some minor dings fixed. So it's good to go.

Except she got the car back and declared that she loves her Charger now and not sure she wants to get rid of it! Ummmm.....it is still bad on gas oh and you want to move to Dallas. Remember? Focus here!

Well then she finds another car she likes and goes to test drive it. Well it has all these features she doesn't need....but she loves. It is WAY more than what she owes on her car even with a nice down payment. Yes, it will save in gas. But she owes $12k on her car and wants a car that is $17k. She is not understanding my logic.

So now we are in the hunt for the same car in Amarillo that has less mileage but still in her price range. Again having the ability to search online is a nice feature but it opens up the child to search for what she wants.......oh and not doing like we did. We went to one lot and picked something that they had on the lot.

It didn't really matter the color so much. Oh and they didn't have back up cameras and phone connectivity, heated seats and all that these days. Things that a youngin' is convinced she NEEDS. Yeah that is another conversation we have been having!

Wants VS Needs. Oh my head is just spinning!


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