I spent the week before Christmas getting the front end of my car fixed. It now looks like it did the day I bought it. I couldn't be happier about that.

Now here we are in the new year and guess what? My daughter went to go get her inspection for her car. Well they wouldn't pass her because she had the same type of body work issues that I had with my car. She is in the process of trading in her car anyway but we want to try to get the most in trade in value.

So I sent her to go get a couple of estimates to get it fixed. She went to one place that has fixed her car before. She has had a good experience with them They looked over all her car damage including her smashed windshield. They quoted her anywhere between $4,000 and $6,000. They wouldn't know until they ordered the parts.

As they got to talking she told them about her plans to trade in her Dodge Charger. She is planning on making the move to Dallas in March. She doesn't want to keep a car that costs her so much in gas. She finally admitted I was right about that car not being the right choice for her.

So the company gave her the name of another place that specializes in getting vehicles fixed and ready for a trade in. There is nothing wrong with her car but a few little dings in the front and back oh and her windshield. Unfortunately with the way cars are made these days a ding can turn into some clips being snapped off and more work being needed to keep the bumper on. Here is where we were.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Faith took her car next to the shop that was suggested. Lokey's Body Shop. They are located past Helium Road on Climer Circle. They were such a breath of fresh air. Faith went in first to show them the damage. She sent me the estimate. While they were talking she never mentioned about being in the process of trading it in. She was told that they would get her car looking like new.

I decided to call them to ask a few questions. Faith wasn't sure if the quote they gave us included the window replacement or not. They also offered a discount if I paid in cash. Faith wasn't sure how much that was.

So as I talked to Jason Lokey he mentioned that he was impressed that I sent my daughter in alone to get used to doing this kind of business. He even said she did a pretty good job with asking questions and such.

I mentioned that we were in the process of car shopping. Not knowing that until now Jason suggested a few things they could do to get it ready but lower the price. I was really impress with his willingness to work with us.

Talking even more we realized that I work with his father-in-law at Happy State Bank. It really seems that we live in such a small world. When Jason got everything re-figured he made me an offer I just couldn't afford.

Her car is now done and ready to be on it's way to a new owner. Faith is on the hunt for a new car. I couldn't be happier with the customer service we received from Lokey's Body Shop here in Amarillo.

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