This discussion came up at work yesterday. We were just discussing some of the more recent craziness in our city. Why is Thomas Michael Dixon still out of prison? Why hasn't he returned yet?

I have a friend who works out at a certain gym here in town and runs into him every Saturday. This should not be a reality. The guy needs to go back where he belongs. Now we have the issue of Jeremy Spielbauer. What is going on? They overturned his conviction too? Remember this is the guy who set up his current wife to take the fall for his ex-wife's murder there on Helium Road. What kind of guy does that?

Then he cries unfair trial? You are the one being treated unfair? What about your wife, Katie, who spent a lot of time in jail for something you did? What about the ex-wife, Robin, who is dead? What about your kiddos who NOW have no parents. Yet you were the one treated unfairly.

You remember the famous line from the Dateline episode that featured this case, The Pink Gun Mystery. Since it was Katie's pink gun that Jeremy used in the homicide to set her up. "Amarillo, come for a vacation; leave on probation." I feel like more than that the moto should be "Amarillo, get convicted of a murder; leave on probation." I hope this is not the case for either of these men of the community.

Watch the Dateline Trailer HERE.

We don't need anymore Amarillo justice like this. Luckily Thomas Michael Dixon's overturned case got overturned again....we are all just waiting for him to NOT have the time to visit the early morning gym workouts unless they are behind prison bars. I realize his trial was in Lubbock but he is walking around here in Amarillo free and clear. Yeah, he may be being monitored by a ankle bracelet but is THAT fair?

Read about that HERE. We also hope that Amarillo/Lubbock finds a way not to waste anymore money on either of these guys. Just lock them up and throw away the key. Jeremy does NOT deserve a re-trial. That is just a waste of tax dollars.

Of course here in Amarillo money talks. Dixon has the money to bond out. Which is why he got out back in 2018. It is why he is still walking around free. I am not quite sure that is the case in the Spielbauer situation.

So maybe that may be the only silver lining in this whole ordeal.


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