What will you be doing tonight? Will you be going to a high school football game? Will you be going on a date? Or maybe watching a show about another murder that hits close to home?

I mean you could go to a game or on a date but make sure you are set up to record tonight's Dateline. It's another story involving the Texas Panhandle. This one has connections to Sunray.

It also tends to be a bit of a crazy story. Oh, I know most murders are. I know I am recording this 2 hour show. This one involves child custody, a former Sunray Police Chief and a plan they apparently thought would work.

I never understand that thought process. How does one think they are going to get away with murder? According to a story on The Daily Beast here is a little back story.

The former head of a Texas police department, his wife, and a police officer have been arrested in connection with a double murder in upstate New York. Timothy Dean, who headed the Sunray Police Department in the Texas Panhandle until he resigned in May, is accused of driving 1,400 miles and fatally shooting Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn on Oct. 22, the Associated Press reported. Niles, 28, was the ex-boyfriend of Dean’s wife, Charlene Childers, and recently won custody of their 9-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son.

OK I get regular non law involved people thinking hey I can get away with this. I don't understand how someone in the police force would think it was a good idea? This story is quite interesting. I guess that is why Dateline is following up on this.

Watch the promo for tonight's show HERE. Watch the show "The Plan" for yourself tonight on NBC starting at 8 pm.

credit: Dateline YouTube Channel
credit: Dateline YouTube Channel

I am interested to see how this one plays out so I will be watching. I also am interested seeing all the posts on Dateline stories like this in the Panhandle that also ask about them coming to investigate the Thomas Brown case in Canadian. Look for that one to may happen. It needs to be covered as well.

Will you be watching? Comment below.


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