Driving south on Bell street in Amarillo, has become an adventure and it's absolutely free. Some knowledge of what you saw in morning, can help decide what's gone as you drive by in the afternoon.

The Pak A Sac near Bell & Hillside suffered major damage in a fire last September, racking up some $700,000 in damage. The decision to level the building, rather than repair was made and in what seemed like record time, the building came down.

It changed the landscape for all of us who drive by it, or stop in everyday. The gas pumps and the car wash are still there, but the building is all gone. But, Pak A Sac plans to build a brand new store, in that location.

You may have noticed that Bush's Chicken has closed as well. Chicken Express has stuck in sign in the lot next to Sonic. If you go north on Bell to the Gem Lake area, you'll see the Applebees has closed.

Not to mention the construction and roadwork. Things are changing in A-town and you look closely, you can see it happen. Perhaps in one day!

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