Charlie "The Healer" here, and as I am writing this I still can't get the taste or the burn out of my mouth.

A few of us went out for lunch and my meal was garnished with peppers. I was not familiar with the peppers and wondered if they were hot.

There are really only two ways to find out. One, you look up a pepper expert in the phone book (who uses one of those anymore). Two, you bite in and hope for the best.

Using only what was available in our immediate surroundings as "lifelines," we rolled camera and let science take its course.

Watch for yourself, and if you are brave enough (and don't suffer from a disorder or allergy) feel free to join in and tag up with #randompepperchallenge.

The rules:

1. Don't go looking for the pepper. Let the pepper come to you.

2. Don't plan ahead. Rush into danger and overcome using only what you have available.

3.  Don't blame any of us when you bite into a mystery pepper and it bites back, metaphorically speaking.

4. Use the hashtag #randompepperchallenge

Happy snacking, and see you next time I randomly find a pepper.

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