I have been trying to find a good way to get Ethan to do his chores.  I know he is only 5 1/2 but he is still very capable of doing little things around the house.  I'll be honest with you it has been a struggle trying to get him to do little things around the house.  Grounding doesn't seem to work, yelling definitely doesn't work, and taking away toys doesn't seem to work.  I was about to my wits end and then I found a new app that seems to be working.

Chore Monster is a new app that I found in my app store.  It is real easy to use, you set up a profile for yourself online, and a profile for your kids.  Then you set up chores with point values.

Pick up your clothes daily - 5 points

Feed the Animals daily - 5 points

Fold the towels - 100 points

You set the chore and when it is due and you set the points value as to what seems fair.

Then you can go into the reward section and set up rewards for points earn.

A Treat (i.e. froyo, or snowcone)-250 points earned

A Movie - 500 points earned

A New Toy ($10 value)- 1000 points earned

Then the kids do their chores and earn points.  Once the chores are done they log onto the app and check off the chores they did that day.  Then you go in and approve that they did do their chores and their points show up on their app screen.

Once they earn their allotted points they get their reward.

So far it has worked.  Ethan has earn 120 points.  I'll ask him in the morning if he did his chores, and he says "yes, momma, if not the Chore Monster will eat my points."

Now I don't think it eats points but if they don't do their chores they don't earn points and they don't get the rewards.

Only think is, I have to remind myself that I cannot go out and get him a treat or take him to a movie until he earns his points, otherwise, it is just counterproductive.

You can find ChoreMonster in the App Store.