Palo Duro Canyon is one of the best parts of living in the Texas panhandle. Many of us in the panhandle love spending time on the trails, camping, and going to the canyon to see the musical. Recently, there were several trails that had to be closed due to washouts and problems from the rains we've had. The good news is that work is being done to get those trails open again.

Crews Working On Trails In Palo Duro Canyon

We've seen a lot of rain recently in the Texas panhandle. One of the downsides to the random downpours we get is what they do to the trails at Palo Duro Canyon. The recent rains caused problems on several of the trails that led to closures. Earlier this week, a handful of trails were reopened.

Today, an update was posted that crews were out working on the trails so that they could be reopened. A photo was posted of a crew resetting a bridge on a trail. One, that looks like really hard work. Two, it's exciting that the trails will be reopened sooner rather than later.

Updates At Palo Duro Canyon In The Texas Panhandle

First, there are the trails that were reopened recently. Those trails are:

  • Lighthouse
  • CCC
  • GSL
  • Big Cave
  • Triassic
  • Goodnight Peak
  • Little Fox Canyon

Another update at the canyon is the addition of signs to trail gates when the trail is closed. These signs are going to be instrumental when inclement weather hits. Closing the trails isn't just to protect the trails, but it's also to protect you. Those trails can become dangerous when they get flooded.

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It's great to see the trails being worked on, and hopefully the rest of the trails that are closed will be open again soon. I'm looking forward to a great summer in the canyon.

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