The list of lane closures and road construction is long and goes on and on and on.  Here's some new areas of construction you'll want to avoid this week on your commute.


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This Week's Projects:

  • Tuesday, Aug. 28, northbound traffic on FM 1061 will be down to one lane from RM 2381 for approximately 7.5 miles for sealcoat operations. Motorists should obey flagging and pilot car operations and expect delays.
  • Crews will be performing cable barrier repair in the left lanes on Interstate 40 from Adkisson Road to the Oldham County line, in both directions.
  • Crews will be performing cable barrier repair in the left lanes on Interstate 27 from McCormick Road to Rockwell Road, in both directions.
  • Crews will be performing edge repair in the left lane of Amarillo Boulevard from Soncy Road to Gem Lake Road, in both directions.
  • Crews will be performing shoulder maintenance and drain repair in the right lane of I-27 from 45th Avenue to 26th Avenue, in both directions.

Ongoing Projects:

Bushland Bridge Replacement:

  • Westbound traffic is diverted to the service road at the RM 2381 exit ramp and reenters I-40 at the next on-ramp.
  • Traffic on the frontage road north of I-40 is one-way going west between the off- and on-ramps of the detour.
  • Local traffic is detoured to Adkisson and Arnot roads to cross I-40.

I-40 Bridge Replacement (Bell):

  • Eastbound frontage road is reduced to one lane through the Bell Street intersection.
  • Westbound off ramp to Bell Street is closed.
  • Westbound frontage road is closed from the off ramp to west of the
  • I-40 main lanes are reduced to two lanes in each direction until the completion of the project.

I-40 Bridge Replacement (Soncy/Loop 335):

    • Northbound right and center lanes of Soncy Road could be closed for short durations from 34th Avenue to I-40 and the right lane from I-40 to BI-40 (Amarillo Boulevard) to widen lanes.
    • Westbound main lane on I-40 will be closed for about four hours on either Tuesday, Aug. 29 or Wednesday, Aug. 30, for repairs. Follow TxDOT’s Amarillo District Twitter feed @TxDOTAmarillo for updates. Westbound traffic will be detoured to the westbound frontage road at the Soncy Road exit and will be able to re-enter I-40 west at the entrance ramp west of Soncy Road.

I-40 Bridge Repair (Ross/Arthur)

  • I-40E, the on-ramp east of Crockett Street is closed for several months.
  • I-40W entrance ramp between Ross and Arthur streets is closed.
  • I-40W entrance ramp between Nelson and Ross streets is closed.
  • I-40E exit ramp between Osage and Nelson streets is closed.
  • Right lanes of I-40W and I-40E main lanes are closed from Nelson Street to I-27.
  • Left lane of the I-40W frontage road is closed from Quarter Horse Drive to Arthur Street.
  • Left lane of the I-40E frontage road is closed from Arthur Street to Ross Street.
  • Right lane of the I-40E frontage road is closed at Osage Street. Osage Street is closed at the south frontage road.


Downtown Connector (I-40 & I-27 Interchange):

  • Left lane of the I-27N frontage road is closed just north of the 26th Avenue exit for widening construction and other improvements.
  • Ramp from 26th Avenue onto I-27N is closed.
  • I-27 SB ramp to 26th Avenue is closed.
  • Left lane of the I-27S frontage road and the right lane of I-27S at the interchange are closed.

South Loop 335 (Hollywood):

  • Traveling eastbound, the right lane has been converted to a right turn only lane from just east of I-27 to Valleyview Drive. All thru traffic should use the left lane.
  • Washington Street to I-27, the speed limit is reduced to 45 mph in both directions.
  • Wilshire Drive, Valleyview Drive to the north and Circle Drive are closed at SL 335 until the westbound frontage road can be opened to traffic.
  • Access to Lamount Drive will be closed at various times during the day.
  • Westbound Loop traffic must exit at Georgia Street and turn left under the bridge and right on the south frontage road to continue westbound.
  • Intersection of South Western Street and SL 335 is controlled by temporary traffic signals.
  • Intersection of South Georgia Street and SL 335 has a three-way stop condition at the north and the south frontage roads.
  • Exit and entrance ramps east of Georgia Street are ONE-WAY ramps.
  • Work continues on and along the shoulders from Washington Street to I-27.
  • Access to SL 335 at Olympia Drive is permanently closed.

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