In February this year a semi-truck went off the Bushland Bridge and damaged the westbound portion of the bridge.  Due to the damage that was cause the bridge has to be replaced.  The construction of the bridge begins today.

John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez

As with all construction this will cause headaches for those who live in Bushland and commute from Bushland.

The demolition of the bridge at I-40 and RM 2381 in Bushland will start today and therefore RM 2381 will be closed under the intestate.   Those traveling westbound on I-40 will be detoured to the Bushland exit and onto the frontage road, then back onto the interstate.  As of this time, those traveling eastbound I-40 will not be affected.

Those traveling westbound needing to travel through RM2381 intersection will still be allowed to without stopping, those travel through the intersection are asked to proceed with caution.

According to Area Engineer Randy Hoshsten:

“With the continuous flow of traffic through this intersection and the presence of heavy equipment and ongoing construction, pedestrian traffic through this intersection is strongly discouraged,”

Those that live in Bushland should note that southbound RM 2381 is detoured west to Adkisson Road and northbound RM 2381 is detoured east to Arnot Road.

Residents are also reminded to use the detours instead of traveling through residential areas.

Hoshsten added:

“It’s a matter of safety to the area residents and we also need to minimize potential damage to residential streets that could come as a result of additional traffic.”

The contractor was given 60 working days to complete the project.

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