Six months out of each year we turn into different creatures when we root for our favorite NFL team. Some fans are good, some bad, and some downright obnoxious.

According to Thrillist, fans of the Dallas Cowboys are among the most obnoxious in the land. As a matter of fact (or opinion), only Raiders and Patriots fans are more obnoxious than Cowboys fans.

While they didn't have much set criteria by which they judged each team's fan-base, but they do think the better teams have more obnoxious fans. If that's the case, then being ranked in the top 3 isn't too bad then. Right, Cowboys fans?

Cowboys fans used to say Texas Stadium had a hole up top because God loved watching the Cowboys, but isn't declaring God a fan of YOUR team pretty much the pinnacle of obnoxious? I wonder how Jesus feels about benching Weeden for Cassel? [Thrillist]

Whether they had the help of science, or the help of a bunch of beer, to dictate the rankings, here's the Top 10 Most Obnoxious Fan Bases in the NFL.

  1. New England Patriots
  2. Oakland Raiders
  3. Dallas Cowboys
  4. New York Jets
  5. Philadelphia Eagles
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers
  7. Seattle Seahawks
  8. New York Giants
  9. Green Bay Packers
  10. Washington Redskins

Where did Houston Texans fans rank on this list? All the way down towards the bottom, at 27th.

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