When it comes to dangerous and deadly roads in Texas, there are plenty of studies showing highways all over the state being problematic. One, however, actually earned the nickname "Death Highway" for itself in recent years. So where is the Lone Star State's "Death Highway"? You might be surprised.

Death Highway: US 285 In West Texas

The stretch of US 285 in West Texas is the one that earned itself the name "Death Highway" in recent years. The reason for the name came from not only the number of accidents and fatalities but also from the conditions of the road itself.

Supposedly, the conditions of the road alone were enough to make the trip hazardous. You add in other drivers and the congested highway became problematic.

Congestion On 285 In The Permian Basin

One of the reasons, supposedly, for the amount of travelers on the highway was the most recent boom in the Permian Basin. Oilfield companies operating in the area were sending out fleets of drivers. Some companies allegedly sent out inexperienced drivers, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that could spell trouble on an already difficult-to-navigate road.

One study states that just over 1% of the state's population lived in that area, yet 12% of traffic fatalities took place on 285 in the Permian Basin.

Is Anything Being Done About Death Highway In Texas?

Some steps were taken to try and fix some of the issues with "Death Highway". One step was reducing speed limits. There were supposedly more law enforcement officers on the road, as well.

The best thing that can continue to be done is for everyone to pay attention when you're on the road. Watch for other drivers, and pay attention to signs along the road.

Especially on what was hailed as "Death Highway" in Texas.

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