If you've ever watched a movie about extraterrestrials invading Earth, you know that aliens and nukes just don't mix. Somehow nukes always make their way into the story, either as a last ditch effort to defeat the invaders or as something that the UFO riding space cowboys are after. Supposedly, this nightmare scenario of aliens and nukes played out in the 50s in the Texas panhandle.

Did UFOs really visit the Pantex plant in the Texas panhandle?

You've got to go back to November 7, 1957. Supposedly, it was on this date sometime after sunset that between one and three disc shaped crafts not only hovered over the plant, but also possibly landed.

I don't know about you, but this prequel to E.T. scares me a lot more than the alien with a glowing finger that makes bikes fly. According to legend, roads were shut down during the event which lasted around 45 minutes. There were multiple accounts of the "visit."

What makes this particular event even more interesting is that it was reported on by the Amarillo Globe News at the time. It even got the front page treatment.

The headline read "Mysterious Objects Sighted at Pantex" and the story gives a pretty spooky account of what happened that evening. A patrolman was quoted as saying that guards at Pantex were all shook-up. The guards even told the patrolman that the objects had landed.

When the patrolman went to investigate, he didn't find the flying discs.

Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash
Photo by Bruce Warrington on Unsplash

What really happened at Pantex and in the surrounding area on November 7, 1957? One explanation that was offered up was that it was nothing more than a case of St. Elmo's Fire. St. Elmo's Fire is a natural phenomenon that happens when atmospheric electricity is discharged, leading sometimes to sights that people claim are flying saucers.

Would that explain the multiple accounts of seeing something in the night sky? What about the stories of something actually landing? Plus, there's the amount of time that the whole thing lasted.

I suppose those who are searching for evidence of UFOs and intelligent life cavorting with the likes of we who call Earth home, there are more questions than answers. For those who lack that level of imagination, the event could have a very natural explanation.

You can read more about the incident and the subsequent investigations at World UFO Watch.

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