The Fourth of July was just a few days ago. A lot of us spent the day in Canyon. We enjoyed all of their festivities. If Amarillo isn't going to celebrate we will go to where the party is happening.

You may not be done with the Fourth yet. Oh, and I am not judging you. You sure as heck don't need to be. Well I mean you could stop shooting fireworks until all hours of the night. We would like to get some sleep.

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If you want the small town hospitality that we enjoyed on the Fourth of July you can continue that. Maybe you didn't get to head down to Canyon. Now you have the opportunity to drive down to Claude.

I mean it's only like a thirty-minute drive. They are continuing the celebration this weekend. It's called the Caprock Celebration Roundup. You will get all the fun you expect at an event like this.

There will be a parade at 10 am. They will follow that with a pet show at 11 am. They will feed you. Be ready for some great barbeque at noon. Following all that there is a pageant at 1 pm. So no reason to head home just yet.

Claude Chamber of Commerce
Claude Chamber of Commerce

Oh, I didn't even mention the vendors and all the fun stuff you will be able to shop for beginning at 9 am. What better way to wind all of this down than ending the night with live music. Claude has it all for you this weekend.

So if you are just not ready to say goodbye to the Red, White and Blue celebration you can take the family a short drive down 287 to Claude this Saturday for more fun.

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