Here in our office we have this unspoken agreement. If you have some kind of food that you don't want anymore, you leave it in the break room on the cabinet.  If someone wants it they take it.  By that, I mean they literally take it and leave the break room with it.   They don't leave it there with a bite taken out of it. Yeah, we have one of those people in our office.

Hey, I believe if it is in the break room laying there it is fair game.  However, it doesn't mean take half of it and then leave a piece with a bite out of it.


Don't get me wrong, I like Nutty Bars as much as the next person.  I had seen these laying in the break room for a week.  As much as I love them, I left them there just because I'm trying to lay low on the sugary sweets.

Well, today I come into work and one of the bars is missing and the other had a chunk taken off of it.

I get the, "hey, I'm gonna take a bar and leave the other for someone else," mentality.  However, I would have gotten a baggie from the cabinet and wrapped it up.  What I don't get is the "I'm gonna unwrap this, eat one bar, eat half the other, and leave the rest of it open and sitting on the cabinet."

Uh, gross.

I don't have a clue who does this stuff?  It obviously takes place after hours and on the weekends when no one else is around.  Could it be a giant rat that comes out of the sewer at night?  I have no idea, but I do know that no one is probably going to eat the half consumed Nutty Bar. So, it is probably better off in the trash.

So, my question is. Do you have that co-worker who doesn't clean up after themselves?  Better yet, what type of co-worker drives you crazy?   The slob, the chatter, the brown-noser?

With that said, I must head to the break room and throw out the leftover and half eaten Nutty Bar.

Such a waste of a delicious snack.

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