Look at your average work week. How long are you at work? If you are an average worker you may say 40 hours per week. So you spend a lot of time with your co-workers.

So when one leaves it becomes tough. Whether It was their choice or not.

Yes, you hear it was a business decision or maybe they were just not happy. Either way it can be hard on the ones left behind.

You have 168 hours per week. Usually, hopefully, 56 hours spent sleeping and over 40 hours are spent with coworkers. They become family. You all do! Especially if you worked with them for years.

You know their husband or wife’s name. You know their kids. They help you mourn the loss of your family members. They care. You care!

You are with them. It’s tough. Yes, obviously it is tough on the one leaving, for what will be bigger and better things....but also for the ones left behind.

Sometimes employers don’t want them mentioned again but we are human! We have memories! A lot of great ones.

In the past year I have seen many walk out the door. Some were expected. Some crush you! It’s the ones that crush you that leave you numb.

Those departures leave you wanting to grab a bottle of wine or tequila. There are some that really hurt. Right? Have you had any tough coworkers leaving? How did you bounce back? Comment below.



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