I've said it, and written about it, before and I'll probably do it again. The Texas panhandle has a unique way of taking the most mundane things, and injecting them with stories, legends, and history.

For instance, do you know the amazing story behind this highway? It wasn't always easy to get across Palo Duro Canyon.

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New Documentary Sheds Light On History Of Highway Crossing Palo Duro Canyon

I recently came across a new documentary titled, "Hamblen Drive: From Buffalo Trail To State Highway." I had never heard of Hamblen Drive, but if someone was willing to take the time to make a documentary about a road it had to be good.

Pioneer Business Development, LLC via YouTube
Pioneer Business Development, LLC via YouTube

So, I watched it YouTube with really no idea of what to expect.

In case you're uninitiated, as I was, Hamblen Drive, in some places, could be synonymous with HWY 207. It's a stretch of road that gives some of the most beautiful scenic views, and it also has an incredible story.

Pioneer Business Development, LLC via YouTube
Pioneer Business Development, LLC via YouTube

Which, I feel, is something you don't often get with highways.

A Lifelong Dream That Was Finally Realized

According to the documentary, the road would cut down the amount of time it took to make a trip to Claude from around Wayside by days. The inspiration for the road, you could say, came from buffalo trails in the canyon.

Eventually the road would be finished and dedicated, and it was named Hamblen Drive.

A Dream That Became A State Highway

Eventually that road would become what we know as HWY 207. Historical markers tell the story of the family and the dream of building the road.

Pioneer Business Development, LLC via YouTube
Pioneer Business Development, LLC via YouTube

An interesting fact shared in the documentary, one that sticks out most in my mind, is that the historical marker you see now isn't the original. The original was stolen, and had to be replaced with funds that were raised.

I think the new one looks better anyway, so I suppose it worked out.

The Documentary Is Free To Watch

You can catch the documentary on YouTube. There are a lot of photos, and several interesting stories in it.

They even reference the book that has been written about this road. Yes, there is a full fledged book detailing the history of this highway.

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