I love getting presents at Christmas. I love giving presents at Christmas. I actually enjoy shopping for them and the closer to Christmas, the better. But wrapping presents? I'd rather take a beating. I can rap better than I can wrap, and I don't do either well.

Who ever invented the wrapping stations inside of stores, was a genius. If I see a high school band or a group of Girl Scouts wrapping presents, I'll pretty much pay whatever they want, so I don't have to.

There are too many tools needed to wrap stuff. Wrapping paper of course, scotch tape, scissors (good luck finding a pair in my house) bows, and tags. Even if I could get past that, there's the fold-down on the ends, and after a half-hour I have a book wrapped. 10 more presents to go.

A new survey says 13% of us, LOVE to wrap presents. God bless you. Do what you're good at. Another 35% say they LIKE doing it. 16% of us HATE wrapping presents and 29% Don't Like it. I'm in there.

The results also say women are three times more likely than men to love wrapping presents. And yes, men are twice as likely to hate doing it.

If you like it and are good at it, you should open a franchise in front of every store in town. You'll be a millionaire in a short time and I won't break a sweat.

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