Christmas is here and New Years Eve awaits and then it's back to work. How do you handle the stress?

If you're spending the time between and returning to your job, eating, nursing hangovers, and spending a lot of time with the family, here are some tips to get you up and at'em when the holidays end.

1 Eating Too Much Sugar- One day of stuffing sweets down isn't going to hurt too much. It's the gorging on pie and cookies all month, that really packs on the pounds. Realize this now, and take it easy for the rest of the week. Take a walk to burn off those extra calories. The more pie you had, the longer you should walk.

2. Eating Too Much Salt- Too much sodium can cause bloating and make your pump (heart) work harder than it should. If you overdid it on the salt, drink more water that usual and cut back on the salt NOW.

3. Too Many Cocktails- Happy New Years indeed. Dehydration is the villain of hangovers. Before you go to bed after an evening of drinking, try to get at least, one glass of water or sports drink down. It'll replace electrolytes and normalize your blood sugar. Personally, I'm a fan of a big bowl of menudo to cure what ails you. Asparagus is good for hangovers too. Have an asparagus omelet for breakfast and get those nutrients that are in asparagus and eggs.

4. Family Overload-We love our families. We love our alone time. If the walls are closing in, look for opportunities for a break. Volunteer to go to the store, or coffee, or take out the trash.

5. Disrupted Sleep- Eating and drinking too much, going to parties that end late, and sleeping at Aunt Betty's house can mess with your sleep.

The best thing to do? Wake up at your normal time, even if you were out late or tossed and turned all night. Otherwise you risk getting in cycle of bad sleeping habits.

Christmas and New Year's fall on a Tuesday this year, so there is not a lot of time to recuperate before heading back to work.

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