Do you sleep well? You're very lucky as a lot of people can't seem to close the deal with sleep. Some would pay money, for a good nights sleep.

For Christmas this year, I want sleep. I've suffered from insomnia for a while now, and getting actual ...restful sleep, is a goal every single night. Personally, I would pay to guarantee a good night of sleep. Would you? How much?

According to a new survey, the average answer is $290. Cash money.

Most of us could only afford to do that a few times a year. If you're playing along at home, a full year of sleep, at $290 a night, would total $106,000 a year.

My alarm goes off a little after 5AM. Add in a couple of snooze button extras, and a call from Melissa around 5:30, and I hit the door right at 6.

What time do I go to bed? Most broadcast types I know that get up to do what I do, hit the rack around 7 or 8 at night. That's just impossible for me. My first attempt come around 10PM and is usually followed by a second try around 12:30 am

The sleep survey also found the average American got six hours and 17 minutes of sleep per night this year. We also had 106 "perfect" nights of sleep and 99 "terrible" ones.

What's your secret for sleep? Let us know below...

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