Are you staying with relatives this Christmas or are they all coming to your house this year?

The best gift at Christmas is having your family close. But, how close? A new survey  found 65% of us DON'T like staying with relatives over the holidays. A lot of us are pressured into it , or we'll go along with it to save money.

If you relatives are coming here, there are all kinds of things for them to see in the panhandle. Spending time as the tour guide, is a great way to entertain guests, but you still have to deal with them, when you get home.

Here are the top nine things, we seem to hate about staying with relatives:

9. You can't have a drink without being judged.

8. Having to share a room with a relative.

7. You can't walk around in your underwear. Or anyone else's.

6. The food options are not what you want,

5. You can't watch TV on your own, or in bed.

4. You can't ,,,uh...have intimate contact because someone will hear you.

3. Not enough space for everyone so it feels cramped.

2. Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. Like that pull-out couch or an air mattress.

1. All the drama and arguments that happen. 45% expect it going in.

The bright side, is people you love are all together.  Where are you spending Christmas this year? Let us know below!

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