Did you ever give your kid a toy that YOU loved as a child? Did they look up from their video game to see it?

Some of the toys I got for Christmas aren't made anymore and probably for good reason. One year, I got a toy bazooka that fired a large pointed and rubber projectile. Of course, I tried it out on the kid next door and it hit him right in the chest. He ran home crying, and I lost the bazooka for a month.

A recent survey asked parents to name the old-school toys they wish their kids wanted, Here's the top five...

5. A ball. Like a football, basketball or soccer ball.

4. A teddy bear or stuffed animal.

3. Board games


1.A bike.

To be honest, I remember one of our two kids, each got something in the top five. My oldest didn't really want a bike. He didn't really want to drive when he turned 15, but this is Texas, and people drive earlier than 15.

Our youngest was into stuffed animals until high school when he wanted to learn to drive. We still have all of them, including a large stuffed German Shepard that he named "Christmas" and I'll die before I let that go.

Then there was the Christmas I wanted a drum set. Christmas came and went before Santa made good on that, but I finally got them. There was also the Superman suit I wanted when I was six. It's a long story, but we all met in the doctor's office to get my broken arm, seen about before Christmas dinner.

What toy did you love, that you gave your kids? Let us know in the comment section below.

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