Wikipedia can answer almost any question you may have. But for me, it just raised a question.

While researching our fair city one evening on, I was scrolling through the history section attempting just to learn a little more about my home when I realized the "talk" section on Wikipedia. This section is where the public can leave a comment, or ask a question when I found something interesting.

Multiple people were asking about or recalling seeing a flag for the city of Amarillo. Which doesn't seem that crazy, but it is extremely rare for a city to have its own flag. Which is why it is totally something Amarillo would do.

One comment reads: "Granted I have limited knowledge of the city of Amarillo but I do vaguely remember seeing a flag hovering around the City Hall in Buchanan street. It was basically the city's seal on a white background. I might be wrong...." --J. Nguyen (Read more here) from January 10th, 2006.

J. Nguyen isn't the only one inquiring about this mystery flag... So it begs the question, does Amarillo really have a city flag? If you have any information let us know!

If it is true, please God let it have a Sod Poodle on it! If not... we will just count it up to the Mandella effect.

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