Sometimes, I think people should have to take a class and be certified before they can have a pet.  I understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people and they can no longer afford their pet.  That is why we have pet rescue shelters, but to abandon an innocent animal in kennel without food is cruel.  This is the story of Goldie.

Goldie was one of eight dogs found in an outdoor kennel in Iowa after the tenants were evicted.  Eight dogs left without food and very little water.  These owners left these poor defenseless animals for dead.

These animals were trapped in this kennel for at lease 3 weeks.

Goldie was one of these amazing dogs and she ate her tail to survive.  Can you imagine the hunger this poor animal felt to eat its own tail.  As tragic as this is, Goldie knew that she could live without her tail, but she could not live without food.  Talk about the will to live.


Goldie showed up to the Humane Society of North Iowa skinny, excited, bloodied half-tail wagging, and seemingly anxious to make new friends.  At only 46 lbs, she was a staggering 20 lbs underweight.   The Humane Society of North Iowa immediately scheduled surgery to have her mutilated tail amputated and she was put on a high-protein diet.  Now, just two weeks after her arrival, she had successfully gained 6 lbs, her surgery is complete, her tail is healing nicely and she is ready to put the past behind her.

The Humane Society of North Iowa will accept applications for Goldie's adoption until the end of this week and will then pair her to the perfect home.


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