If you are planning to fly out of town this weekend from Rick Husband Airport here in Amarillo, please do not be one of these types of travelers.

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    Stinky Traveler

    Ok, your flight leaves super early in the day and you think, I don't have time for a shower. The person sitting next to you for the flight would appreciate if you get up early and take one or at least take one the night before.

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    Seat Kicker

    Put your feet down!! Nothing is worst than getting kicked when you are trying to relax.

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    Maximum Recliners

    It's ok to recline your chair to get comfy. Just don't forget there is a person behind you.

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    Armrest Hogs

    This is a tough one. The armrest is never that big. Do your best to share.

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    The Impatient Flyer

    I saw this a lot with my recent trip. Everyone is in a hurry to catch the next flight or to just get home. Try to be patient.