"The Daughter of Dawn" is a movie that was thought to be lost.  However, it was found and it is something that you don't want to miss and you can see this amazing silent film at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum.

Image Courtesy Oklahoma Historical Society

"The Daughter of Dawn" is an 87 minute film from the era of silent films.  It was an all Native American cast.  The film starts two of Chief Quanah Parker's children and a large cast of Comanche and Kiowa people.  The movie first premiered in Los Angeles in the 1920.

The film shows Native American traditions, as well as ceremonial dances and buffalo hunting.

The film was thought to be lost but it was rediscovered and now you can experience this movie at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum.

The museum will be showing this film this Thursday for one night only.

The showing will take place in the Hazlewood Lecture Hall on the second floor of the PPHM.

Cost: $5/ free for members.