Nowadays you can go anywhere just about anytime you want to. When I moved from Chicago what I wouldn't give to visit the old neighborhood just by the click of a button. Technology has made a lot of things better.

Once I moved to Canyon one of the places I loved to visit was the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum in Canyon. Where else could you learn so much about the Panhandle back in the day. It was and still a great place to visit. They are now making it even easier for you to spend an afternoon there.

Maybe you can't get out of the house. Maybe your best friend moved across the country and would love to take a trip back to the museum any time they want to. That is why taking virtual tours have become just so cool these days.

The Panhandle Plains Historical Museum has done just that. You can visit anytime you want to. The weather is bad? That is ok. Can't make the drive across the country? Who cares.

According to the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum in a recent press release:

Visitors can visit fifteen different locations throughout the museum easily from their computer or mobile device while diving into specially marked artifacts for a look at the extensive PPHM collection. The tour features an in-depth look at our on-loan Theodore Roosevelt shotgun, PPHM’s Pioneer Town, remarkable art galleries and more.

It's really pretty cool. I tried it out yesterday. All you have to do is go HERE. You will see the Tour PPHM Virtually. Give it a try. Oh and if you live in the Texas Panhandle go and visit it in person too. You will be glad you did.

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