Have you always wanted a garden but didn't know where to begin?  Maybe You don't have the space or the area to plant a garden.  You don't have to have a lot of space to have a garden.  You don't have to be Farmer Ted to have a garden.  You just need a bit of patience, a basic knowledge and a little help to get your garden to grow.


What you'll need:

Knowledge what you want to grow and the type of sun it will need
Cinder Blocks
Cardboard or weed barrier
Rocks or straw
Potting soil
Seeds or plants

Full the full instructions click here

This one requires wood, drilling and digging, but if you are looking for more of a beauty aspect then this may be your perfect fit.

Here's what you need:

4 longer pieces of redwood, cut to specified length (I used 8 ft lengths)
4 shorter pieces of wood for the ends, cut to specified length (I used 3 ft lengths)
4 4-x-4-inch square pieces of redwood cut to match the height of 2 boards (in my case it was 12 inches). You can also opt to cut your 4-x-4s to a slightly longer length (such as 2 inches longer). This way, you can use the longer length of the 4-x-4s to anchor your box when you have to dig it into the ground.
Galvanized 4 inch-long screws (galvanized screws will resist rust)
Power drill (preferably with other battery pack charged)
Flat, large surface for working, such as a patio, deck, or garage
A willing helper, who can hold ends of lumber and fetch tools as needed

For the full instructions visit casasugar.com

I found this one through Boys Life, a magazine for Boy Scouts.  I may actually have to help E. do this one day.

Here's what you'll need:

Wire cutters
Tape measure
4 4-foot 2-by-10′s
16d galvanized nails
2 6-foot 2-by-4′s
4-foot 2-by-4
49 feet of 12-gauge galvanized wire, cut into 7 7-foot lengths
8d galvanized nails
About 1/2 cubic yard or 14 cubic feet of good garden soil
A sunny spot for your garden

For full instructions visit boyslife.org

If you are like me, you love herbs in your cooking, however, you opt for the dried bottle kind since fresh herbs are so expensive.  What if you could grow your own herbs and have something awesome to look at on your porch.  Here's how you can accomplish that:

What you'll need:

5/8in, 4ft wooden dowel
potting mix
large clay pot
5 medium clay pots
6 different types of herbs or flowers
decorative piece

For on instructions how to build and plant your herb garden visit fromdatestodiapers.com

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