We've all said "I need a hobby." Maybe we even tried one and then...stopped.  A new survey says the average person sticks with a hobby for 16 months and stops. We also spend a lot of money on hobbies.

As part of our New Years resolutions, some of us commit to a new hobby. We go buy all the stuff we need for it and then we quit. Either we decide we're not good at it, or we can't find the time to pursue it.

Did you decide on cooking more as a hobby? You'll need more pots and pans? Going to the gym? You'll need a membership and the right workout clothes. Stamp collecting? You'll want to own a rare one, and out comes the checkbook,

The survey also shows what we'll spend beginning a new hobby.

1.Gardening. $950. Gotta have a hoe. A spade. A rake. Some seeds. This one can add up quickly.

2. Cooking. $805. New pots and pans, New gadgets like pasta makers, a cool set of knives, and the perfect apron, can run the cost.

3. Going to the gym. $565. Membership fees, new shoes, and a personal trainer aren't cheap.

4. Crafts. $453. A trip to Michael's or Hobby Lobby for brushes, paint, and material is a blast. And then you have to check out!

5. Yoga. $170. Gotta have new yoga clothes and a mat. Finding a class can be expensive. Lucky for us, Amarillo College has several yoga classes to choose from.

Before you bail on your new 2019 hobby, consider the start-up costs, and your sweat equity, You might decide to stick with it!


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