What Will Your New Hobby Cost?
We've all said "I need a hobby." Maybe we even tried one and then...stopped. A new survey says the average person sticks with a hobby for 16 months and stops. We also spend a lot of money on hobbies.
This Yoga Can Really Make You Look Younger
A new study found that certain face exercises can build up the muscles in your face. A '90s workout called "Facercise" went viral a few years back.  It was supposed to make you look younger.  But it might actually work. A study found certain "face yoga" exercises can build up your face muscles...
Parents Get All Bent Out of Shape Over School’s Yoga Program, Cite Religious Objection
Over the last couple decades, yoga has gone from being thought of as a mystical ancient Indian discipline to a mainstream exercise practiced the world over. In fact, all students in the Encinitas Union School District, which is in the San Diego area, now do yoga twice a week as part of their physical education curriculum. But this isn't sitting well with some parents, who are worried that the Hind
What Is Yoga Helping US Military Soldiers Fight Against?
Yoga. Whether you can’t get enough of it or can’t get away from it, there’s no denying its peaceful approach to connecting one’s body and mind. Who’d have thought that this practice is now more and more becoming the method of choice for relieving PTSD symptoms in US soldiers?