Make These Fluffy 5-Ingredient Vegan Banana Pancakes
Pancakes for breakfast seem like an obvious luxury to serve the gang on an easy weekend morning, and if house guests are about to jettison off to wherever they need to go, this is the perfect meal to send them off. You look like the most amazing host, even though this is a super easy recipe. Se…
My Quarantined Must Have Freezer Items - Just In Case
So we are doing a lot more cooking at home. We either are already good cooks or we sure are learning to become one. The two things people need to learn from this is how to cook and that you need a savings. Oh, let's add a third thing, toilet paper is not something you need to hoard.
What Will Your New Hobby Cost?
We've all said "I need a hobby." Maybe we even tried one and then...stopped. A new survey says the average person sticks with a hobby for 16 months and stops. We also spend a lot of money on hobbies.

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