We have so many reasons we want to get in shape. We do know it is better for us. We also get that it makes us feel better about ourselves too.

So we look into ways to get in shape. We vow to eat better and try to exercise. If we don't have the time to exercise we will for sure get up and move around while at work. It's the least we can do.

We tend to be so excited when we think of how much better things will be when we finally get in shape. That excitement starts to wane after we eat healthy a few days. Maybe we don't see the results we want to as fast and we start to feel discouraged.

Did you know that the person who makes it the hardest on us when we are trying to be healthy is not a family member or a friend. That person that is the worst critic for us is actually US.

We tend to find reasons to give up. We think that unhealthy foods are just too tempting. Oh and they sure are!

We end up with a lack of motivation if we don't see the results right away. We even say that we just don't have enough time to cook healthy meals. It especially seems so hard to be good when there is so much bad for us food at work.

How do we avoid all this? If we really want to eat healthy and get in shape we need to stop with all the excuses. We need to find time on the weekend to make healthy meals. Put them in single serving containers and heat them up at work for meals!

We also need to make sure we grab some healthy snacks to bring with us to work. This way when our coworkers are chowing down we don't have to feel left out. We just need to reach for something from our healthy snack drawer.

It is all doable. We just have to be willing to stick it out! We need to be out own best cheerleader and not our own worst enemy.

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