Do you miss those days of being a child and having a stress free life? I mean the biggest concerns we had was getting our homework done or trying to avoid a nap!

What were we thinking? We couldn't wait to grow up. Here we are....all grown up and all we want is to go back to those stress-free days. Oh how marvelous would it be to have a mandatory nap?!

Well those days are gone. It may not be easy to find time to nap on a daily basis but we can find ways to feel less stressed. Even if these suggestions seem a little weird, I am not against trying. A day with less stress is a good day in my book!

One thing that could help you feel less stressed is de-cluttering your home. There have been studies done that show having a cluttered house can cause increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Just walking in to a cluttered home can make you feel all anxious.

You can also grab your friends and workout together. Whether you go to the gym or head to someone's house, it doesn't matter. Exercising with a group reduces stress better than working out alone. You have someone to talk to and vent. That relieves a lot of stress.

This seems like it would do the opposite but you need to dwell on your failures. In a recent study the research found that if you took the time to write about a previous failure it will help you in the long run. You will feel less stress when you encounter another difficult situation later on.

Here is a stress reliever for those of you in a relationship. Research also has shown that if you smell your significant other's clothes it can make you feel calmer.

So stress can be alleviated in a few different ways. Even these unconventional ways should not be ignored. Have you tried any of these? Do you have a weird way you like to relieve stress? Comment below!


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