My daughter went to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago and I was checking out some of the stuff she was doing on her Snapchat stories. I was having fun living through all the fun she was having.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

She did something that I have never even thought about. Axe throwing. It looked like a fun way to burn off some steam. A nice and fun way to relieve some stress. We all seem to have a lot of that right now, right?

I had no idea we had a place here in Amarillo to do just that. It looks pretty cool. I found it by mistake when I was looking for stuff to do for Mother's Day. I was looking for some ideas to give a friend to do with their family. This looks like a fun event with them.

The place is called JNC Axe Pit. They do require that you be at lease ten years old. But it looks like a lot of fun. They have one hour axe throwing and two hour packages. The prices are very reasonable. One hour starts out at $15 a thrower. If you want to double the time it starts at $25. There is a discount if you get a group of ten or more together. They even have a college night special.

You can look at booking HERE. They are located between Amarillo and Canyon. So it's pretty convenient as well. You can find them at 12782 South Coulter. So if you are looking for the next fun family bonding moment. Or maybe a way that you and your coworkers can relieve some of the workweek stress this could be just the thing.

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