Nothing is worse than waking up on the wrong side of the bed. That just starts your day off in the worst way possible. Those are the mornings that drivers on I-40 seem to cut you off. You can't handle it. You just want to get to your job Downtown as soon and as with as little drama as possible.

There are things that you do on the daily that can be sabotaging your morning routine. Do you force yourself to get up early? Even if you don't have to. You just think it will help. Sometimes it really doesn't. Some of us are morning people and some of us are not no matter how hard we try. If you know you are not than getting up early is just setting you off on the wrong foot. If you can afford to sleep in that extra sleep may actually help you tremendously.

Skipping breakfast can also hurt us If you get to work and your stomach is growling you are not doing anyone any favors. It is hard for you to concentrate if you are hungry. The same thing goes with not drinking enough water. Sometimes those hunger pains are because we are really just low on water. So grab a bottle of water and keep it full all day. You can't imagine how much better your day can go if you are not hungry.

Another way you can jump start a good morning is just being prepared. I know you are thinking after running the kids to practice at John Stiff Park and rushing home to dinner, adding more to my plate is killer. The thing is that if you can at least take a few moments to figure out a game plan for the following day it will help. You look at your calendar and see your daughter has a dentist appointment on Coulter in the morning. It is much easier knowing that going in....then realizing in the morning. The fewer surprises you face in the morning can help. It can also help keep you calm when you plan ahead.

With just a little work you can have a very successful Amarillo day.

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